Who Am I?

Name: Sophie Grave

DOB: 5th July 1999

Location: Rochester, Kent and Aberystwyth University

Studying (as of 2019): Theatre Studies and Drama with Scenography and Theatre Design (BA) at Aberystwyth University

Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Reading, Learning and Recorder Playing

Why Am I Blogging?

I want to write about my experiences in life and showcase the work I do for a portable portfolio that I can easily present to a client or brand, this also makes it easier for people to approach me as they can research my work prior. I’ll be writing about all sorts of things, to my makeup and fashion interests, new art work of mine, reviews of others art/theatre and my overall life experiences. Many of you who know me in person know my life is a tad dramatic and I feel like it should be shared with the world.

What Is Happening To My Old Blog?

I previously had a blog for 3 years called The Ophite Life, however, I feel like it is best for me and my work to have everything in one place just under different pages under the same website. I wanted a fresh start so went through a rebranding and started a new website ready for my career and allows me to have a better point of focus when working towards what I want. I will be posting similar content blog wise but will talk more about my life more as an artist and post university life. I will be reposting some of my old blog posts that are relevant and edit them accordingly!

What Do You Mean By ‘Artist’?

When I spoke to some of those close to me about my new branding and decided to use Sophie Grave Artist I got asked, “Well, what do you mean by artist?” In my eyes the term art doesn’t have a definition, therefore nor should artist, art comes in many forms and I have learnt throughout my degree that the term of an artist can mean many different things. So in reality, I’m keeping my options open to what this website can do for me!

How Often Will You Be Posting?

I would like to be posting once a week, however, my focus at this time is university and the shows that I am working on. I have a couple of ideas for series on productivity and theatre and university life. However, if you are reading this post 2019 I have more updates on what I am currently doing on my ‘About’ Page.

What Are Your Social Media Links?




You can also email me at: sophiegrave1999@gmail.com for any enquires on music theory tutoring or commissions on work.

Hope this gives a little introduction about me, if you have any questions you think I should add ask them down below and I’ll add them!

Have a good day!


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