My 2020 Goals

So it is that time of year again when we all set a load of goals, such as, “get fit” or “wake up at 5am everyday” and these usually go downhill by end of February that we are all guilty of…

Personally, I want to set goals I would actually achieve and continue so even though I am reffering to them as goals for the year but they are more like habits that I wish to implement into my life, I made sure to keep them positive and less so much of a target of a certain number but something I can put into my daily life to make my days overall better and more productive and even happier as I am focusing on the better version of myself so that I can acheive more. I have never felt so motivated or positive for that matter!

  1. Love myself more.
  2. Procrastinate less.
  3. Practice more music.
  4. Be my best self.
  5. Post regularly on my website.
  6. Journal.
  7. Aspire.
  8. Focus.
  9. Relax.
  10. Work hard.
  11. Establish a routine.
  12. Make memories.

Normally on my lists I do a slight explanation on each one, but I think these all speak for themselves. However, I have not included anything about how I look or my body in general because, I no longer want to focus on how I look as a “goal” because my body is what it is. I am still recovering from my major surgery etc so it would be disheartening when it doesn’t go to plan; as long as I stay healthy then I am happy (obviously we all have bad days with our bodies but I am trying to minimise those by focusing more on my mind and becoming that best self that we all long for in some capacity).

For the past three years I have set myself a word of focus, this year I have chosen… LOVE! I know it sounds cheesy but there are so many aspects in my life that involve love so focusing on that for the year, I hope will improve my capacities as a whole. So my plan is over the next year is to focus on doing things I love, finding new things to love and work on loving myself.

If you have any goals or New Years resolutions that you have, let me know!

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