My 2019 Review

I wanted to have a look back at the previous year and feel the sense of achievement at what I have done this year, so here goes!

2019 in three words: Change, Chaos and Conscious.

A friend I made: Our new freshers in Curtain Call.

Goal I achieved: I achieved many things this year but one of them that isnt mentioned in the rest of this post was designing and making the costumes for ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ as a part of my production project in second year for which I am very proud of!

A memory from each month: 

January: I conducted The Addams Family in the Castle Theatre with Curtain Call.

February: I performed the monologue ‘The Flood’ from the Vagina Monologues.

March: I became the Women’s Officer for Aberystwyth University.

April: I became the President of Curtain Call.

May: I ran the race for life and raised over £200 (I also ended up on crutches which is a running theme for the rest of the year). I also perfomed as Florinda in “Into the Woods” with Curtain Call.

June: I spent most of June seeing friends.

July: I had an allergic reaction to gluten (I’m coeliac) on my 20th birthday in Greece (not a great memory but it happened).

August: I had major reconstructive surgery on my knee after 5 years of issues.

September: I moved back to university for my final year and did all my committee training for the year coming.

October: I was the Lorax for Halloween.

November: I brought my best friend Zoë a ladyship for her 21st and she loved it!

December: Ticket Launch for our next show of ‘Guys and Dolls’ went really well! It was also my first mini debut with my ukuele (picture below taken by Amy Connolly) of which I sang Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations!


Memory: Being the Lorax for Halloween as it was a great laugh.

Movie: My favourite new movie is Frozen 2! I loved this so much and I went to see it with Amy and it was a great evening!  

Trip: Weirdly, probably to the hospital to get my surgery as it was a long awaited moment.

Meal: Katsu Curry or a roast dinner!

Song: If I could tell her from Dear Evan Hansen.

Musical: Currently Dreamgirls

Safe to say it has been a very strange year for myself this year and for next year I hope to be calmer, happier and filled with more love.

How’s your year been?

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