How to: Achieve the Goals You Set

So it is a new day, month, year and decade and it is time to smash those goals you set for the year. However, you arent going to get anwhere without the motivation or the right mind set to do this (this is often why we give up end of January to mid February). Although everyone’s goals for each year are different this is a more general view of how I set to achieve my goals no matter whether it is fitness and food or getting a better night sleep.

  1. Set your motivation! Do whatever you need to do to get motivated. Personally, I find telling one person my goals will keep me accountable for what I am doing, this person might even want you to help them with thier goals, so it is a win win for you both! Pinterest or instagram can help too, I usually find quotes or those #inspo posts to really motivate me on becoming a better person in general, making me want to achieve my goals. Though this should be in moderation, it should inspire you, not dishearten you, if what you are seeing online makes you feel bad about yourself, unfollow it or step away from it for a while and refocus yourself. Oh, and don’t forget to set goals that are actally accomplishable, for example, you’re not going to be able to run that marathon in 3 days if you have had no prior training, so why have that philosphy for other things?
  2. Set your goals the SMARTER way… When I studied my GCSE Drama we were taught to set ourselves ‘SMARTER’ goals. When I was 15, I hated this idea but now it is becoming in my everyday life and is actually a really helpful way to get started on setting goals that are accomplishable. So the SMARTER way to set your goals is to have something that is; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound, Evaluable and Revisable.

Here is an example that I set for myself for my upcoming presentation for my Studio Scenograohy Project this month. My goal is to achieve a first for my presentation on my Metamorphosis project on the 21st January 2020. To do this I will need to look into my presentation skills, previously, I have been told I talk very fast when I am nervous and I know I tend to miss things out do to my mind going blank which results in me getting a 2:1 instead of the first I am aiming for. I will work on the speed and content of my presentations over the next six months (I set this a while ago, I’m just retyping from what I set in my bullet journal) by working hard on the smaller presentations that we are set giving good content in each, I will make sure that I am calm and more relaxed beforehand by taking five minutes to myself to enjoy a cup of tea or some food so that I am not building up the stress that I usually feel.

Through the previous mini presentations over the last 3 months I have felt more confident on my topics and feel like I am becoming more relaxed when presenting. There are still 3 months until my bigger presentation so I will continue to work on the content of my topic and will get my presentation done the week or so before so that I can practise it in my head or to other people who can help me with last minute feedback before I do it for real.

Although this goal is not completely in the order of “SMARTER” it includes all the attributes to create an acheivable goal.

3. If you achieve your goal/are making a good way towards it when you evaluate then make sure you reward yourself and it is usually best to set what your reward will be prior to starting the goal and it is not like a impulse buy (therefore maybe slightly more sustainable)!

3.5 If you come to re-evaluate in 3 months or so and find that you have fallen off track, remember that, it is okay and just to make sure you reinspire yourself, look at that goal and think about if you need to step it down to make it more achievable than it is now (better to start small and build your way up, even if the goals are weekly rather than monthly etc).

4. Remember, that if you’re a step further than when you started you are doing better than where you began and that in itself if brilliant!

Let me know what your goals are and maybe we can help each other this year!

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