Life Declutter

On my previous blog I spoke about my life declutter that I did over the Easter break to make myself a better and more positive person. I think that 9 months or so later I should go through everything once again to keep up that standard I had set myself as after Phoebe and I sorted through my room last year I am less of a sentimental person and if anything I keep wanting to make my life more minimal and clear. I very much have the tidy room, tidy mind philosphy now, thanks Phoebe!

Here is a breakdown of the steps I took (I will probably repeat this once I am back at uni as I already feel like I have more than I need):

As always I start with my desk, I take everything off (any rubbish gets put straight into the bin (or recycling of course)) and give my desk a good clean! I also take everything out of the draws as it has literally been a year since I went through it all and most things were not even relevant to me anymore and give those a clean. Once my desk was all squeaky clean I turned to teh actual organising and filed all the documents I need or shredded the ones I no longer needed. All pens went into my pencil case and I made sure they all worked (I am that idiot who puts non-working pen back in my pencil case… I’m sorry!) then put everything neatly in draws or back on my desk.

I went around my room and cleaned everything and put things in the bin if I had missed them etc and took out my rubbish and finished off my hoovering the floor.

Then Kim came over and she helped me remove everything from under my bed to organise and sort through, which suprisingly didn’t take too long for the amount of essentially crap under my bed. I made four piles of all the stuff and they were; keep, donate, recycle and bin. I wanted to be pretty harsh on what I kept as I really want to declutter things I no longer need and once I move out of uni in June I need storage for my things until I move out from home. This was then later hoovered and the items I wanted to keep were replaced back under my bed.

Recently I brought some memory sticks to move all my documents and my digital portfolios onto to free up space on my laptop. I also went through all my photographs and deleted all those screenshots that I dont need or those selfies that didnt look great or that I no longer like.

And again, I took to social media and unfollowed everyone who made me unhappy or made me feel worthless, and truly I feel like this is what changed me last time I went through my social media accounts. All my feeds are so much more positive now and is not filled with crap I no longer care about. Especially on instagram…. If you don’t like someone’s content then unfollow them, without guilt, and make your social media something you want to look through, no something you dread. At the end of the day it is YOUR social media and no else’s! 

Once I have graduated university I want to go through all my clothes and see what does and does fit or items I can donate because I dont wear them. Over the next 6 months I want to see what I do and do not wear and axe those items that I don’t use anymore. I am doing this by putting all my current clothes that are on hangers and put them into my wardrobe with the hooks facing towards me (the wrong way around) and then when I wear them they go back in the wardrobe normally, that way I can see what I am and am not wearing easily and I can donate those clothes for I leave university to a local charity shop. Then when I’m home with all my clothes I will go into the Marie Kondo method and see if there are any pieces that I really do not like and I plan to get rid of clothes that no longer fit.

Take this time to think about what you can declutter this month.

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