My Process of Creating

Usually I get a lot of questions about my thought process on what I do and how I create so I thought as a part of blogging a lot more in January I would go into this is a bit more detail. However, everyone has different stages of how they work and these could sometimes chop and change depending on how well I know the subject or medium that I am working with.

  1. Inspiration- I am a lover of snooping through pinterest to look for inspiration but I usually get motivation during other projects (I can never just focus on one thing as I get a bit lost and it means I can switch things up if I get bored of one and still meet my deadlines). While I have been working with my cast for Guys and Dolls I gathered ideas for Metamorphosis because of how people move or speak and one little thing can spark a big idea.
  2. Research- I weirdly (according to others) love doing research! It is the bit I fully thrive in and enjoy the most because I can look at what people have done before and see if I can improve thier idea or even develop my own practises for moments for theatre etc. I remember looking into Antnion Artuard for the first time and going down the rabbithole of surrrealist theatre was incredible, however, I noticed many flaws within his book The Theatre and its Double and reserached into what other practitioners had done to see if I could improve the original ideas as we have learnt a lot since Artuard published his works. This is the time that I will look into refernces to improve myself and do ie, painting, drawing or even acting studies to improve myself.
  3. Experiment- I always want to put a twist on how an idea is portrayed and make it my own so that my work can be recognised and this is the time I like to look away from the references and rather dabble towards them rather than study them.
  4. Create- Start to establish a final piece and what I want to show to people and have my name stamped on. This may take months and months depending on what it is but we get there eventually and then at completion I am usually super proud of what I have achieved, especially if I have learnt a new skill.
  5. Reflect- After a few weeks or even a few months I will look back onn my work seeing what I can improve upon.. For example, the first watercolour painting I ever did I was super proud of it at first but 2 months later I realised that now I can paint so much better than that as I found my faults and I had kept up the practise. I also like to reflect upon if I enjoyed that particular process, I really enjoy painting certain subjects etc but not others so I usually stay away from these bits but every now and then I will do a study in what I do not like to try and be a more well rounded, flexible artist.

This is usually what I am up to while I am creating and happens for all sorts, even with less artistic things, this is my way around most situations and how my brain goes about things.

I want to create more this year but stress myself less and I know these seem to be more of a correlation but the more I create the less stressed I actually am as long as I work to my given deadlines. Currently this blog post is my creation if the day, although I knew I wanted to blog every day in January I knew I wouldnt necessarily have the time to write every day (however this is a habit I want to get into) so I am bulk writing while I have time before exam time hits so I dont have to worry. But I challenge you all reading this if you have gotten this far to take half an hour at least and just do something creative, it really helps with your imagination and has had an unbelievable change on me and actually my productivity, so give it a go!

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