No Spend Ideas

So recently the whole no buy year or month has increased across social media and this is actually something I want to try (I’ll let you know how I get on in a month). This is the idea that you only buy/pay for the essentials, ie, food, rent, bills. You can set what your essentials are, so for example, makeup is pretty important in my life, so therefore, I am allowing myself to buy a new foundation when and only when my current runs out. I am very much addicted to shopping and buying, so I asked myself, what am I going to do while on this month and thought others may get stuck too, so here is a little list of what I can think of so far to be more proactive rather than just lazing around all day. Overspending always leads to waste products and food that then goes to landfill, so hopefully this will make me more conscious of what I am buying and if I can find a better alternative.

I will edit this post as I think of new things or if I get good suggestions from other people!

  1. Go for a walk or run- This keeps you active while not spending money on a gym membership and you don’t need any experience to start.
  2. Home workouts- Again, no gym membership or experience required, there are thousands on youtube that you can follow.
  3. Read a book- I have hundreds of books on my bookshelf that I have never read… This month I aim to get through at least 4 of these and by the rest of the year to read as many of them and hopefully finish them. If you do not have books hanging around, visit your local library and borrow books!
  4. Spa days/evening- Sometimes you just need an evening or a day to chill out, I love a good face mask and a bath to get me relaxed!
  5. Phone a friend- I always find that if I want to go shopping facetiming sometimes helps as I am distracting myself.
  6. Tidy a room in your home- I always have a slightly messy room, no matter how hard I try so even taking 10 mins in the morning and evening each day to put things away, it keeps me occupied and on top if things.
  7. Organise/Declutter- Again, I have lots of things I could donate or get rid of so regulary going through them is helpful and it keeps me on track of what I actually own/need in my life.
  8. Do the chores you have been putting off- I find I always put off deep cleans and washing my clothes (I always seem to leave it until I’m nearly out of clean clothes). I know it is a bit of a boring one but it means you dont have to do it later.
  9. Play music- I play lots of instruments so it does me good to practise but you could always chuck on your fave playlist and have a boogie.
  10. Write music- This is something I should do more of but talented or not anyone can write a song (or poetry, a story etc)
  11. Do your work!- Kinda obvious but, the time you arent shopping, you could be doing your work (this is mainly a note to my unproductive self haha).
  12. Apply for jobs- if you are unemployed or wanting a new job, check and add to that CV that you havent looked at in 5 years and get applying.
  13. Explore- There are so many places you can wander for free, ie, museums, nature parks etc.
  14. Plan your week- or day, or month, I find this keeps me focused on my no spend habits.
  15. Draw- whether it could be in a gallery or a doodle on the back of a scrap piece of paper, it is always good to get your imagination flowing.

This are the points I currently have to do while I go on my no spend adventure! If you have any, let me know.

Would you ever try a no spend month?

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