Top Tips For Audition Prep

I’m not the best actor or singer (dancing is more my forte), but, I have definitley had my fair share of going to auditions and running auditions so over the years I have a decent idea of some top tips for how to ace that audition you really want. This is mainly for audition preparation to make the run up easier. Here they are and I hope they help:

  1. Do not choose things that are overdone!! For my theatre GCSE everybody went straight to Shakespeare or more obvious monologues, unless specified monologue or song is required try and choose something that is more quirky and less heard of but still suits you.
  2. Make sure you are prepared!! Those deciding your fate for the job want to make sure you are prepared, if you are not prepared for an audition how do they know you will be up for the job/rehearsals. The amount of people I have seen turned away because they have not learnt specified material or not even worn appropriate clothing. If you know you have to dance for an audition, I do not suggest skinny jeans and a crop top like one girl turned up in- they didn’t let her audition. If unknowing of what could be involved a change of clothes is always a good idea (another tip right there- always take a change of clothes, either for dancing in etc or even if you get a bit sweaty it is always a great idea!).
  3. Even when you don’t have auditions or scripts to learn, learning new music or even new monologues is a tip of mine, just because most auditions do not specify what type of monologue they want to hear so knowing a few may help you. Some auditions make you watch onto other people fighting for that role, so if like myself you hear a monologue or song that you were going to sing you always have a back up (thank god for tip one).
  4. Move about when learning a piece! If you are learning a script and have already blocked some or all of it, when you know your action, do that action. We can learn chunks of information by associating said information with movement, so the more you go over your blocking and the whereabouts of where you will be onstage will mean you are ore likely to remember your lines on stage. BONUS TIP: Shakespearean actors use the points around the theatre to learn their lines as they have an extremely limited time to learn 2 to 3 hour plays- personally I feel sorry for Hamlet with all those soliloquies from “to be or not to be” to “Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him, Horatio”.
  5. Arrive early!! It is much better for you to arrive an hour early than five minutes late, first impressions are very important. I suggest you take a book as waiting can be long winded but most of all it can be relaxing to read when you are stressed, or I mean if you write, plan some writings or just get that paper inked!!

I have a few more tips so let me know if you would like to hear them!

Have you got any auditions or shows that you are preparing for or do you have any preparation tips?!

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