How To: Handle Criticism

In all our lives we face criticism and some people take it better than others. I have never been the best at taking criticism but over the past year or so I have made a five step plan of action when I am faced with criticism.

  1. Stay Calm, especially if this is a face to face situation.
  2. Determine the intent of the criticism. Is it there to improve you or hurt you?
  3. If the criticism is constructive make an action plan of how to improve on the situation.
  4. Cut out those or minimise the time you spend with who are criticising to harm you as we don’t need unnecessary negativity in our lives.
  5. Look after yourself, sometimes criticism can hit in a way it is unexpected and in a very hurtful way- even if there are good intentions behind it, so don’t forget to do things that continue to make you happy and relaxed (this is also helps if you cannot get away from negative people).

A short post but I hope this is helpful in how you can help yourself when it comes to criticism and how to handle it.

If you have any tips, feel free to let me know and I can always add extras!

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