5 Things I Have Learnt in Lockdown

Lockdown in the UK has been going on for a while, and now even though it is easing slowly it is still a stressful time for us all. However, many like myself have found out a couple of things about themselves while in lockdown. Here are five things that I have learnt over the past weeks at home:

  1. Self care has taken a priority. I always struggled to find time for myself to try and relax slightly and always blamed that I have no time to relax due to my busy lifestyle. But since quarantine began I have focused on skincare and my overall mental health a little bit each day. I am trying out some products from The Ordinary and Revolution for skincare at the moment and so far so good!
  2. I have fallen out of love with makeup. Although I have not fallen out of love with makeup completely in its entirety, I still love a good natural looking face but, as someone who used to do creative looks everyday to the bare minimum when I ‘have’ or even ‘want’ to do makeup. I now have a very basic routine and I can do my full face in 10 mins rather than an hour and a half! Although I would like to get back in the routine of doing my makeup daily.
  3. Journalling and illustrating is my absolute new favourite thing. Recently on my socials I have been sharing some images of my digital artwork since I brought my iPad pro, it has been a joy to draw something new each day and even more of a joy to interact with other people who are loving my artwork. Makes me a very happy bunny indeed.
  4. I have become a hater of mess even more than before. So since lockdown I have essentially moved into my boyfriends house and since two of us being in the room it gets very messy, very quickly! We have sorted a mini cleaning and tidying routine to keep on top of it all.
  5. You don’t have to be productive during quarantine. I see everyone jumping on the trend of getting a million and one things done in a day before I have even woken up for the day. I have realised that although I love to be a productive person and aim to be that kind of person it is okay if you do nothing all day.

Have you learnt something about yourself during lockdown? Let me know below in the comments!

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