How To: Be Productive When Bored

I know this may be late coming considering we are all in lockdown at the moment but I have a list of things that I have found myself doing or have had suggestions to do while bored in and out of lockdown. Hope some of these things can help you be productive when you’re bored or even if you have a couple of hours free and you don’t know how to fill them! If you have any more suggestions, let me know down below in the comments and I may make a part two .

  1. Make a budget – I usually do this each month but especially now that university is finishing, you have bills to pay and you don’t know when your next income will be I find it super important just to make sure you have enough money to sustain to the next few months.
  2. Go through all your subscriptions- If you pay for a service and you are no longer using it, why still pay for it? If the subscription is free and you no longer use it, why still get the emails?
  3. Start a website – This is what I did when I was bored one day about 5 years ago and my first ever blog was born, it kept me occupied and it was fun and easy to start with. Now I am here with better skills (still a beginner by all means) but now uni is nearly over (and after my website has been seen by my assessment co-ordinators) you will see a lot more content over here.
  4. Improve your blog/website if you have one currently – I recently did this on here and did a rebranding of this website (hopefully you like the newer design because I sure do!) I also find planning content or following a free or paid online course can be accounted under this point.
  5. Set goals and check points for them – Make sure you set some goals you want to achieve whether short or long term and make sure you also set checkpoints for this. Ie. if you are aiming for a 2:1 at university on every assignment you get a 2:1 or above make sure you reward yourself to keep motivated.
  6. Communicate with small businesses on social media – I love talking to people, especially as I am looking to open my own business in the near future it is good to talk to people who have done it, you can even learn from any mistakes they made and in the end you will have made a friend and you can support each other!
  7. Freelance – again this comes more under business but if you have time on your hands and a skill you are proficient in or can make money from: why not give it a go? Fills your time and makes you money. WIN WIN!!!
  8. Write down your personal and professional goals – like setting goals it is important to separate personal from professional! Set those goals and you can achieve anything!
  9. Make a vision board – I find when I am bored or even demotivated a vision board with quotes, happy colours, pictures of my dream career can really push me in the right direction and gives me something to do.
  10. Create a LinkedIn Profile – I did this at the beginning of lockdown as a suggestion from my mother as I want to connect with potential employers and people can easily find me (you can connect with me on LinkedIn here and start building your connections)
  11. Improve your LinkedIn Profile – As much as starting one can help with your career optimising your profile can help you even more. Follow the suggestions from them (by the way this isn’t sponsored or anything- I wish!! But it really does help) and get connecting! Employers look for a good LinkedIn profile as well as your CV.
  12. Update your CV – Speaking of CV’s, you may not have updated yours in a while or if you are younger may not have even created one. Getting a good basis for a CV will help you when looking for summer jobs/part time work as a student.
  13. Update your portfolio – I am actually awful at this, but all you creative minds out there, keep updating your portfolio, something that was your best work last year may not be this year!
  14. Apply for jobs – Quite a simple but time-consuming, make sure you do a personalised cover letter and alternate your CV for each job you apply for as they may be looking for different things. For example, I have a creative CV for graphic design and theatre etc and a non-creative portfolio for the more admin and recruitment work that I have previously done.
  15. Declutter both electronically and physically – I did a massive declutter on my laptop and hard drive when I was bored last year and I had work on there from 2010 when I was in year 7 which I definitely did not need anymore!
  16. Self-care – I believe this is actually one of the most productive things you can ever do, it can prevent burn out, reset your mind and inspire you! Make sure you look after yourself! I think I may do a self-care routine soon so keep your eyes peeled!
  17. Organise your documents – We all have a pile of papers on our desk, or is that just me? I always feel so much more accomplished if my space is clean and organised, I love going through the pile of forgotten papers once a month or so and shredding what is not needed and filing what is! I do this every couple of years as some important documents last year are no longer important. ie I had kep a welcome pack with loads of helpful info from an old bank so I didn’t need it anymore. Having all your important documents in one place also really helps, when you need that P45 or your GCSE grades you know where they are!
  18. Follow a workout challenge – I haven’t done this in a while due to my leg but, I truly miss going to the gym or doing a home workout when I’m bored, it usually helps to get out of that boredom rut too.
  19. Deep Clean – I love a good deep clean just for the satisfaction afterwards! By the time I get fully bored it’s usually time for a deep clean of my bedroom or the rest of the house!
  20. NOTHING – Sometimes its good to just be bored and let your mind wonder and let yourself relax!

So I hope you can find something to do from my (mostly) productive list of things to do when you are bored!

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