Hi There! Welcome to my website!

My name is Sophie Grave and I am a 20 year old student, based in Kent currently at Aberystwyth University studying Scenography and Theatre Design with Theatre Studies and Drama. After university I would like to build my art business alongside my career to eventually go full time as a freelancer.

My interest in scenography came when I started acting and realised the work behind a theatre production and looked into stage management as a career, through researching I found Scenography and Theatre Design at Aberystwyth University and decided to take a risk and go for it… it seems so far to have paid off! This has then led into my love for building a business as I have seen small businesses flourish within Aberystwyth.

What I am currently doing?

Currently I am building my portfolio while I am at university through all things, such as, photography, makeup, blogging and all thing theatre and scenography! I am currently focusing on art designs for future sale and more personal art development so I can open commissions very soon after university!

What can I offer you?

Currently I am offering One to One sessions on music theory and teachings on the recorder and all things drama and theatre studies. To arrange a session with me, please use the contact page under tutoring or send me an email on sophiegrave1999@gmail.com and I can tailor sessions for your needs, please note this is a paid service and all information will be kept confidential.

Coming soon…

I will be selling my art designs as prints and stickers over on Etsy or DM me on Facebook or Instagram.