Forward in Time

For my final piece at university I decided to write a music composition with hints from different decades in a quadrophonic sound as an educational piece to inspire younger people to be creative and learn through different ways. This piece would have been done practically but due to the current global pandemic the university changed it to a theoretical proposal so that it could potentially be done practically in the future, meaning the concept still had to be plausible.

The idea was to compose four staves of music on the recorder utilising its range, soprano, alto, tenor and bass as these are the most commonly used recorders commercially

Here is a simplified diagram of quadrophonic sounds, I took this idea and wanted to layout some experimental places for speaker, which you can see below.

Here is the overall piece for my composition, I hope you enjoy it!

Order of songs used:
Scarborough Fair
Basse Dance Bergerette
Ave Maria
Amazing Grace
Carol of the Bells
We’ll Meet Again
Once Upon A Dream
House of the Rising Sun
Star Wars Fanfare
Seize the Day
Wallace and Gromit Theme Song
The Hobbit Theme
The Hanging Tree

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