Moments of Time

Our second year module we were given the brief on a group project called ‘Moments of Time’, we were to perform this in December 2018 in the Castle Theatre, Aberystwyth.

The Brief:
Using selected chapters from the text Einstein’s Dreams written by Alan Lightman as a provocation, create  a short scenographic ‘poem’ a design as performance event.

Our initial concept was to take the idea of running water as a timeline through life, at first we thought a waterfall going into the river then realised this would not be plausible within the Theatre so decided to do a minimalistic design of a river for the castle theatre floor that was 12m x 1m. Then the concept was to go throughout the eras of music, using small projector to project the main thing that happened that decade, an example being, the NHS being formed on July 5th, 1948. For the performance myself (dressed in a 40s style boiler suit) and Zoë (dressed in a 20s style flapper dress) decided we would be like ghosts of time, I would sew ping pong balls with dates ranging from the 1800s to 2018 on them into the river as well as giving them to audience members to throw into the river, distorting projections on the water.

The river in the set stage lights
Flowers were anchored down by cotton attached to washers and bolts so the flowers did not move when I walked through the river.
River pre production with all flowers in place.
Placing flowers and making sure the river was waterproof and the tarpaulin was taped down and not a trip hazard.

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